IT order takers to order makers

We found this article on called “Everyone in IT at Intuit is a business problem solver” to be particularly insightful. Atticus Tycen (CIO of Intuit) says “When we bring IT into the heart of the company, we innovate more and and deliver faster. When we make IT a part of our business strategy, we win.” More importantly, he explicitly aligns IT’s objectives with business outcomes (many beyond IT’s direct control).

Effective IT teams must transition from being “order takers” to “order makers,” bringing their understanding of how the company operates and where the bottlenecks are to conversations with the business. Rather than just being the “back office,” IT is a true business partner, figuring out how technology can drive digital transformation.

Intuit has been able to successfully navigate this new IT operating model. We at CECWL can help you do so as well.

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