Make an immediate impact on anyone

Making friends is not easy, what with the rigmarole of small talk, awkward silences and lack of eye contact. Rather than face this horror, most of us stick to our group of friends and simply avoid making new acquaintances unless it’s totally necessary.

Yet, making new friends is incredibly beneficial. Not only will it expand your social circle, it will also help you develop your interpersonal skills.

Likable people are open, welcoming and friendly, signaling self-confidence, sincerity and trust – and every one of these traits can be developed by continuously connecting with others.

So, being social is good for you, but on the other side of the spectrum, scientists have found that people without a dynamic social life are more likely to get sick and die sooner.

It’s impossible to establish a rapport without the right attitude and, when it comes to being likable, you can either have a useful attitude or a useless attitude. The former, which utilizes the correct body language and expression, begins with deciding what you want from the conversation.

UCLA psychology professor Albert Mehrabian said that credibility depends on the congruity of three communicative aspects: the vocal, verbal and visual.

Endearing yourself to a new acquaintance begins from the moment you meet one another. The way another person feels around you is key to making them like you, which makes it essential to adopt a genuinely open attitude and willingness to connect.

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